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Four Points by Sheraton Studio City
Orlando, FL United States Of America

For the past 40+ years, Richard Bandler has dedicated himself to developing new ideas, tools, techniques and true models for the advancement of human evolution. For the past 25+ years, John has been training people in Fortune 100 companies.
In the early nineties, Richard created Design Human Engineering® as the next step in the evolution of NLP™.
In addition, he has been teaching professionals in every field to master their field. Design Human Engineering® is Richard's combination of how to engineer your own brain into that design that will have you be your best, simply and purely.

Then add the Patterns of Persuasion™ that he has taught to so many thousands of others to use successfully in their own businesses and personal lives. Toss in John's best kept sales/business and consulting and selling strategies
and knowledge of how to fine tune your language with precision. Add these absolutely valuable resources together and get Persuasion Engineering®

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Starting Date
Fri, Mar 06, 2020
Richard Bandler & John La Valle
3 (Days)
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