Practitioner of NLP

Sheraton Studio City Hotel
Orlando, FL United States Of America

Unsurpassed by any others, with Dr. Richard Bandler, our programs offer three different certifications. There are 8 days of basic skills plus 1 day for learning to apply your skills in the application you choose. These are:

Licensed Business Practitioner of NLP™ - the Business Applications Module is for those participants who are primarily in a business environment and want to apply their skills in business, rather than a changework or therapeutic setting. We will cover a variety of applications in sales, marketing, teambuilding, customer service, communication skills as well as any requests fom the group.

Licensed Practitioner of NLP™ - The NLP Changework Module is an opportunity for you to practice intensively and experience firsthand key NLP changework techniques and to establish a system from which to apply NLP technologies for evolutionary and generative change. In this module several models will come to life as you learn to apply what you have learned in the basics days. This module is a must for those of you who desire “to put it all together” and become an agent of systematic change utilizing the power of NLP and Trance. We will provide you with a path to mastery of NLP like no other and an experience you will long remember.

Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® with Body Work™ - The NLP BodyWork Module™ - Physical Hypnosis - learn to physically change your brain and learn to read how well someone's brain areas are functioning by noticing submodality expressions physically and cybernetically. As areas of brain hardware improve the way they work, then the software programming runs differently. Patterns of Physical Transformation™ (PPT) is tuning up the functioning of both brain and body. Improving that calibration is the key to health and vitality. If you are a physical therapist, body worker, chiropractor, etc., this is the module for you.

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Starting Date
Sat, Jul 13, 2019
Richard Bandler, John La Valle,Kathleen La Valle
9 (Days)
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