NLP Master Prac Training in Los Angeles (Oct 18, 2018)

with Pam Castillo

5 miles from the famed Rose Bowl
Pasadena, California United States of America

When you enroll in NLP Master Practitioner Training here at Clarity Institute, you will learn to deepen the hypnotic experience so you can deepen your ability to calibrate so much more than before and apply that to all other NLP skills. In addition, you learn to deepen and widen your "Go-First" skills so you can be more competent and more flexible in the exquisite dance that is changework, to be able to maneuver multi-dimensionally, increasing skills both internally and externally to use with yourself and with others. It's about going beyond. You experience NLP in a new and deeper way, having more levels to calibrate at remarkably new competency as your mastery in the exercises, combined with shared experiences of the class amaze and amuse you. The stories, models and teachings affect you deeper and wider, so that your neurology fires faster to take you father than you even can imagine right now. All of which make utilization of the skill set more proficient and more profound for you. When you think back now on the uniquely powerful ways your NLP™ Practitioner Training shifted your personal and professional life,  you begin to notice what wells up from within.  It’s a warm smile that starts when your  mind responds to the memories of experiencing NLP™ for the first time, then moves quickly to infuse this moment with joy.  Ahhh, yes! If it’s your goal and your desire to deepen your NLP™skills,  achieve mastery with NLP™,  and create the next level of amazing results then…. It’s the perfect time to receive your Master Practitioner Training at Clarity Institute. You can begin in our next training on: OCTOBER 18, 2018 Email NLP@NLPClarity for registration details It's like this: Early reservations come with some great bonuses if you can make it happen by June 1, 2018 NLPbot -

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